Insomniac seems to be eager to expand the Electric Daisy Carnival and allow it to grow, because after their extension towards a Japan-based festival earlier this year, they are now announcing that EDC Korea will take place in 2019!

Set to be located in an amusement park, perfect scenario for EDC, Pasquale Rotella was very excited to present the world this new festival. In a recent press release, when asked about the reason, Pasquale says, “Right now, there’s an energy around dance music in South Korea that inspires us to bring EDC there,”. He then proceeds to say,

“We have a great venue, an amazing partner, and most importantly, a community that is embracing dance culture in an exciting way.”

The festival is known for its carnivalesque scenario, packed with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, carousels, and bumper cars, allowing the music to flow with the perfect amusements.

Though the dates are yet to be announced, the Korean EDM enthusiasts and the ones of neighboring countries seem extremely excited for this event, waiting impatiently for a line-up reveal, which will contain, without a shade of a doubt, some of the greatest artist names in the world, as per usual with EDC line-up’s.

Already established in certain US locations, Insomniac Events has been one of the fastest growing brands for dance music worldwide, now looking to take over Asia.

Feel free to check out their website for more information and check out the great teaser of what’s to come for EDC Korea!

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