The Italian duo decided to have a go at Guru Josh’s ageless classic “Infinity”, remixing a previous attempt by Cat Dealers and Beowulf.

Guru Josh’s “Infinity” needs no introduction. You can go almost anywhere in the world, hum the song and everyone will recognize it. Its melody has ascended to one of those tracks that transcends space and time, thus eternalizing Guru Josh’s legacy. But by being such a track, it is guaranteed to spawn multiple remakes, remixes and bootlegs. Giulio Mariani and Francesco Primiero, a.k.a Jude & Frank, decided it was their turn to give it a try.

The track had already received a bootleg by Brazilian duo Cat Dealers, back in the end of November, and the track was a….different, yet solid attempt at the classic. Despite the effort, they failed to impress and encapsulate the essence of the track.

Jude & Frank took that track’s foundation and improved it. With their gathered experience from releasing tracks on Armada, Enormous Tunes, PornoStar Records, etc, they added their signature Latin house-inspired, funky and vibes sound. The result, although still a bit lacklustre, is still very much an improvement over Cat Dealers’ version. With groovy percussion, a very present kick and that all inspiring melody, it’s definitely a track worth listening to.

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