Disciple Records latest podcast is called… you guessed it right: “The Disciple Podcast”.

On the very first episode it featured Virtual Riot and Josh from Modestep where they discussed a series of topics ranging from virtual reality to music production and even whiskey. The guests were very informed about the subjects and the conversation was really interesting. We heard unreleased tracks from both guests and the 36 minutes were very productive and entertaining.

It is hosted by Dodge from the duo Dodge & Fuski, one of the founders of the label. He is a really charismatic and extroverted person making him, probably, the best person to host such a podcast for Disciple.

We have yet another label jumping on the podcast trend, like we had Barong Family a couple months ago.

There is still no information about the next guests or even the date of episode 2 of the podcast but one thing we know for sure: we won’t miss it.

Disciple Records is the most interactive dubstep label at the moment. They have the podcast, a channel on Twitch where they stream label members playing videogames, two compilations released at the moment with known gamers and still “Knights Of The Roundtable Vol. 2” coming to everyone on the last day of the year.

We advise you to listen to the podcast on YouTube where you can see the host and guests, making it much more fun:

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