After some announcements about a future collaboration between Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan, the long-awaited song has come out and you can finally hear.

Once again Martin Garrix shows why he is one of the best DJs in the world and shows his versatility by collaborating with the most diverse DJs and this time he brought Julian Jordan, resulting in his new song “Glitch”.

This is also a “prize” for Julian Jordan because it has even more visibility to make a song with Martin Garrix and because he himself has been able to impose his style and this is visible in some parts of the music that conveys good energy and will be a banger in the live performances from both. Both previously collaborated and released “BFAM” and “Welcome” both with millions of views in Youtube and streams on Spotify.

Garrix continues with his great career and to end the year it can be said that it was one of the best years of the Dutch DJ and 2019 will be, with all certainty, a year with much music and new projects by Garrix, that will leave their fans eager.

Listen below the new single of Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan:

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