Technology will never stop evolving and we are now living on an era where it grows faster than anything else and the latest iPad Pro proves it.

In fact, Apple has always made sure their products have an outstanding performance and a high construction quality you can feel from the moment you open any of their products’ boxes. A few months ago they released what they intended to be the revolution of a personal use device, the iPad Pro and it might just change something.

Jonathan Morrison uploaded a video where he had a sound engineer – the legend Grammy Winner Ken Lewis – testing the Apple device and trying to mix a previously produced track in order to test its performance and if it could indeed replace the usual hardware/software it is used to mix songs.

Well, in the end of the 20 minutes we get to see Ken using the device, he points out that the thing he loves the most about it is the fact that it is 100% tactile, and he could easily get to the knobs and faders he wanted has easily as in any other mixing console. He said that it was the best ‘all in one box’ experience he had so far and this is why this could actually change the way music is mixed.

This new iPad might not be a 100% replacement, but it is definitely something that comes in handy when you’re looking for a one device mixing tool.

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