After not even six months since their last album, “New Blood”, the Dutch duo Yellow Claw announce they will most likely release their fourth album in 2019.

The “tease” was made over at Twitter when they quoted the tweet from a fan holding their three albums saying she would have to put a forth in there next year. Two artists from the Barong Family label also replied to the tweet (Aazar and Bellorum).

We cannot stress this enough: after the fiasco that “New Blood” was regarding the fans response to the album, will we see Yellow Claw deliver some of the old stuff they got us used to? In terms of remix packs for their albums we still only have one. A remix pack for “New Blood” would be something the fans would appreciate!

The duo still has one collaboration that unites both trap and hardstyle fans. We are talking about a track made with the DJ and producer Radical Redemption that has been played in a lot of his sets. It’s a fusion between the excellent trap Yellow Claw are known for and the harder kicks that Radical knows how to deliver in style.

Only time will tell when all of this is getting released, or if it’s ever going to be released… While we wait, let’s remember the good “Old Days”, in collaboration with San Holo:

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