Trip (stylized as трип), imprint founded in 2014 and based in Berlin, will release an 8-track album to open next year.

The company, which has as main artist and boss the Russian Nina Kraviz, announced in a small statement to the fans some more details about the launch: “happy new year! we wish you happiness! is the theme for this double 12’’ of carefully curated breakneck techno and IDM. The eight-track package is a fantastical celebration of the new – with three new artists joining трип and a fresh new visual outlook for the label – dropping early in the New Year.” It also added the purpose of presenting an original and unexpected compilation: “continuing their mission to explore the inhospitable extremities of electronic music, happy new year! we wish you happiness! offers an otherworldly selection of rare sounds and abnormal structures from artists both familiar and unknown.”

This release follows the also compilation album titled Don’t Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid, released last July and featuring appearances like Nina and Aphex Twin: an album where experimentalism and techno dominated.

Happy new year! We wish you hapiness! has the participation of the regular PTU, as well as the debutants Carlota, Buttechno and Vladimir Dubyshkin (who will release this month an EP in the трип called Cheerful Pessimist). And yet, of course, Kraviz, with a track in collaboration with Dan Snazelle.

A preview of each track is now available on Soundcloud. Although the album appears cataloged as “#Techno”, judging by the preview, fans can expect much more than that. There does not seem to be a thread at work, opting instead for a fusion of genres and sonorities that meets the label’s goal. If PTU and Dubyshkin make justice to the hashtag, the remaining tracks are, to a certain extent, indefinable, joining acid, festive, hypnotic, and minimal chords.

The release is scheduled for January 14.

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