Expecting to witness beautiful models, luxurious scenarios and great music, Fyre Festival attendees were greeted by everything but that. This disaster did not go unnoticed and a year later, Netflix has decided that it was about time to have a Fyre Festival Documentary. And, so they did.

The Festival took place in 2017, more precisely in April, and it was scheduled to last for two weekends in the Bahamas. Reported in social media by models, actors, and artists, the festival quickly grew in popularity and everyone seemed to be interested in making their way to attend it.

With an insane line-up and being promoted by the likes of Emily Ratajkowski and Kylie Jenner, it’s no surprise how the event got so much hype so quickly. Major Lazer and Claptone were two of the headlining names, but as you can imagine, never actually made their ways there.

Considered one of the biggest disasters ever, the Documentary about it will be directed by Chris Smith, and it promises to give an insight on the festival, with a story, filled with exclusives told by the organizers. Billy McFarland, the main organizer of the Festival was sentenced to prison to a total of 6 years for fraud following the incident, as well as having to pay millions in lawsuits.

January 18th will be the premiere of this documentary and we can’t wait to be able to fully understand the reasons that made Fyre Festival, the biggest disaster of the decade.

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