Last June, Marshmello released “Joytime II”, but know he has just confirmed that he is already working in the third edition of this album.

The masked producer was on the Billboard charts a lot of times during this year with musics like “Wolves” with Selena Gomez,“Silence” with Khalid and even “Happier”with Bastille.

For the new album “Joytime III” we are excited to hear how he pushes boundaries with new songs, once we already know his ability to produce EDM, Hip Hop and Pop.

In his twitter, Marshmello said:

“I’m working on so much new music right now,” Marshmello just took to Twitter to share an update. “Joytime 3, a couple hip hop, and my next pop single. I don’t want to just stick to one genre, as a producer who loves making music nothing excites me more than pushing the boundaries.”

With this statement we now know that beside this new album, he is also working on new music, with diferent styles and genres, as we are used to in the Marshmello’s music.

Although there isno release date yet for this new album, we believe it should come out during the next year. But until then,you can listen to the previous album, “Joytime II” below.

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