People of Tomorrow, are you ready for some outstanding news from the magical place, the one that every electronic music lover desires to live on, Tomorrowland? Well… They have announced their 2019 dates, as well as the theme of this year’s stage and hold on tight for you are not ready for it.

Next year’s edition will be the Festival’s 15th Anniversary, a mark that will stay in the books forever. And as you would imagine, to celebrate this, they will have to make this an even bigger edition than last year! Well, truth is, the event will take place over the course of two overwhelming weekends, July 19th to 21st and July 26th to 28th.



Welcoming over 400,000 attendees in beautiful Belgium, the duration is not, by any means, the reason why the world has gotten so excited. 2012’s theme, “The Book of Wisdom”, is considered by many the best scenario to date. It’s the one that everyone claims to be the peek of electronic music. And this year… It’s making its return! The theme for Tomorrowland 2019 will be “The Book of Wisdom – The Return”

Tomorrowland announced earlier this year, their newest expansion, Tomorrowland Winter and joining the list of unbelievable things happening in 2019, is Tomorrowland 2019, celebrating its 15th Anniversary.

On December 15th at 15h15 CET, you’ll be able to Register for tickets on their website.



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