Last week Slander released they brand new EP “The Headbangers Ball” and we’ve already know some of the tracks that will be present in the EP.

It’s common in this industry that a few tracks are secret until they came out in the EP. However, like Martin Garrix did in his previous EP, Slander did the same.

They has already released “You Don’t Even Know Me” with RIOT, “Running To You” with Spag Heddy and Elle Vee, and also “Hate Being Alone” with Dylan Matthew.

Slander are already in a North America Tour with they new EP and they new year will kick off on the 11h of January, with two nights of shows at the legendary Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

About the new EP, Slander said:

“This would be the second EP we have ever released, so we wanted to make sure the concept was complete and the music matched the vibe of the upcoming events. “We aimed to create three solid vocal dubstep songs, essentially mimicking the vibe we conceptualized for the tour. The emotional vocals represent the more upscale elements of the Ball, and the dubstep drops represent the more dark, grungy appearance of the attendees. To us, The Headbangers Ball also represents a new evolution of the SLANDER sound into a more heavy bass arena that still sends back traces to our original melodic sound via the vocals we chose. We hope you guys enjoy this new world we have created for you.”

The EP was released in Monstercat and you can hear it below.

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