Alesso was one of the major influences when it came down to the development and explosion of progressive house and this brand new track of his brings back the old progressive feeling.

In fact, Alesso is the artist behind some phenomenal tracks that turned instantly into classics, such as his remix for If I Lose Myself by One Republic, his collaboration with Calvin Harris Under Control and even Calling (Lose My Mind) with the one and only  Sebastian Ingrosso.

Well, in the past couple of years, the DJ and producer took a different path, where he produced songs headed to the radio crowd, with a pop vibe, but also playable live on festivals.

Now, he has just released a new track called Tilted Towers that brings the ‘old’ Alesso back with some impressive progressive basslines, filled with a darker energy from what we were recently used to from the artist and this track will definitely make everyone dance, either it is played at a festival or at the club.

Fans are wondering if this song proves that he is coming back with his progressive roots and if the DJ will actually continue producing these amazing type of tracks.

Either way, you should listen to it and you can now do it here.

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