Even if you’re not into the genre, you have to admit that Don Diablo is probably one of the biggest influences to everyone when it comes to Future House.

He’s said that he has always been very passioned about dance music and by starting his own podcast, Don Diablo’s Hexagon Radio, he envisioned sharing that exact same passion with everyone else.

In fact, he started the weekly show over 3 years ago and has now just celebrated its 200th episode.

For this edition he said he wanted to do something special and he totally outdid himself this time. As he said ‘’You wanted something special, we’re doing something special…we have a special guest… and who’s more special than…my mom?’’.

That’s right, on the 200th episode of Hexagon Radio, Don brought his already iconic mother to join both the DJ and the listener through a ride on the Don Diablo’s story. This time he played some of his lesser known tracks and told the story behind them on a 2 hour episode, where he goes from some of his older house tracks to his even older projects.

The most touching moment of the whole show comes in minute [1:02:31] where the dutch DJ and producer plays the never heard before version of his song The Artist Inside in memory of his father. This is a very special track for everyone who’s lost someone and that’s the main reason why Don’s mom asked him to skip to the next one. Music can take the listener into a journey through feelings and as he said, ‘’that’s why this song will forever be the most special song in my life’’.

You can now watch and listen the full episode and as Don would want, share love and peace with everyone around you.

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