Over the past few days, Tisoki released 2 singles of his upcoming EP “Everybody Dies” that will be released on Never Say Die Records at the 30th of November.

2018 has been a pretty quiet year for the british DJ and producer. Having only 4 tracks released so far apart from the 2 singles that are part of the new EP, this was his worst year in terms of released. Even though he managed to release 2 tracks on Monstercat it just seems like the artist was focusing on other stuff.

He tweeted saying that this is the first EP since 2014 he is releasing under a label and that he is really excited for it to come out. The two tracks that we have access to are good. “Push It”, the first one being released, is your generic dubstep track. It sounds a bit repetitive but overall its well produced. “All Like That” is a bass house banger with some great sounds coming into play and two distinct drops that make it a bit more versatile.  

Tisoki is one of the names that helped dubstep lay its basic foundations to where it stands today. We were really excited to hear the EP was coming out and are waiting patiently to listen to the rest of it.

In our opinion, the best track so far is “All Like That”. Give it a go and give us your feedback!

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