In all popular culture, of which electronic music is already an integral part, merchandising is a constant element. Whether we are consumerists or not, we would never deny a sweatshirt, a t-shirt or even a keyring that alluded to our idols.

Knowing this, Aphex Twin announced on instagram, via Warp Records (label that launches most of his works), which are on sale, from today, a bizarre range of eight articles allusive to some of the most famous tracks of the Irish genius of IDM and ambient: from the teddy bear that appears in 1995’s track “Donkey Rhubard“, the umbrella of “Windowlicker“, the beach towel of “On“, the anti-pollution mask of “Ventolin“, the hoodie from “CIRKLON3“, the print of the latest EP “Collapse” to the “Come To Daddy” t-shirt.

These articles will be available by fixed time: via online, on the website until the 29th of November. In a physical store, at Bleep X in London during the same period, and later at the Joint Harajuku in Tokyo, between December 1st and 2nd.

To stay abreast of the evolution of the stock and not miss this opportunity, you can subscribe to this newsletter on the DJ’s own website.

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