Roland is known for their quality music production products and Behringer, another brand, has just announced that next year they will be selling a clone of TR-909.

In fact, the German company’s owner Uli Behringer has made the announcement through a post on the Gearslutz forum and he said that it will be called RD-909, the design of the new clone will be based on the original version and it will include some modifications, such as a drive and pitch control for kick drums and the possibility for the sequencer to modulate the Analog Filter and Wave Designer.

He kindly asked for music producers to be patient, as the production and the process to build the new sequencer clone will still take several months before it comes out. The company has already built ten units for testing and making sure it is all in perfect conditions, but they will work on it for some time until at least 2019.

Then, he finally revealed the price the machine will be sold for and if you want one of these you will have to spend around 300 dollars, as the price will depend on the import tariffs.

You can read Behringer’s post on Gearslutz here.

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