That’s right, the Northern club will be offering a monthly ticket for as much as 50€. These are the kind of deals we like, and Industria Club did not hold back on the lineup for next month either.

Revealed the luxury lineup, we can expect names like DJ Tennis, who will play on the 1st of December, followed by Anetha (Hyper), Delano Smith, Alan Fitzpatrick, Molly, Âme, Rui Vargas, Marcel Dettmann, and Portuguese Trikk, which is the first name revealed for the New Year’s Eve party.

It should be remembered that this is another measure of the Porto club that has long been prominent in its marketing strategies, to offer its usual audience and to attract new audiences. Other offers include 50% off drinks until 2 in the morning and another one is “Free Taxi“, refunding the transportation money in drinks. Ensuring a strong position, in every way, in the night of Oporto.

You can now purchase your monthly ticket here.

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