After the amazing feedback that What So Not’s album “Not All The Beautiful Things” got, the artist decided it was time for full sized remix pack!

It came out last friday on all platforms, being a really awaited release. There are 4 tracks remixed by different artists and you can tell there was an effort for this pack to cover more genres than the original album did. It’s still highly focused towards bass music but we have some nuances ranging from house to even trance!

The tracks to highlight are, in our opinion, graves remix of “If You Only Knew”, Champagne Drip’s remix of “Goh” and Luttrell’s remix of “Stuck in Orbit”. Three very talented producers who really did an amazing job remixing some of the best tunes of the original album.

It is still a bit sad that we don’t get a remix for every single track of the album, but maybe that’s something What So Not is considering to bring us in the near future, just like he released a single EP for the “Beautiful” remix pack! Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This is, most likely, his last release of the year. 2018 was great for him and we hope it continues to be like this or even better in 2019. For now, we will leave you with the remix pack:

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