After announcing earlier this week that he would be making a series of posts regarding up and coming artists that, in his opinion, are “changing the game”, Excision also announced something huge for 2019: his tour!

It will be called “Apex 2019 Tour” and happen all over the United States. Excision also stated there will be 225,000 watts of bass for everyone to enjoy some of the filthiest dubstep in the world. The special guests announced are Squnto, He$h and Sullivan King.

This will be the tour where he will showcase his latest album, “Apex”, a huge one in the dubstep world. You can check all the dates below! We are still pretty anxious to see if he plans on coming to Europe anytime soon.

As we mentioned before, earlier this week he also warned everyone he would be making several tweets regarding artists that are important for him. He called these posts “artist spotlights”. The first one he made was about Wooli, someone he chose to open in one of the days of the Lost Lands Festival.

Excision is trying to make 2019 the best year for dubstep so far. Helping everyone he can and improving the community both in size and quality. Regarding the next edition of the Lost Lands Festival we still don’t have any information but we hope to have something really soon!

And since his tour is to showcase “Apex” why not listen to this masterpiece by the man himself, Excision:

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