The French DJ and Producer, David Guetta, launches, this time, a special pack containing 7 remixes featuring some outstanding artists!

David Guetta and Black Coffee couldn’t have been happier to collaborate, and together they made the song “Drive” which received a very positive feedback, attracting the attention of the public due to the fact they were DJs from different areas but, despite everything, have managed to make a big hit.

After all this success, he’s now released a pack with 7 amazing remixes of this great song, where David Guetta himself also intervenes really showing all his quality when it comes to making his remixes. Starting with his own, Guetta imposes both features and gives a new visibility that originally has a slow style and clearly a house style that was imposed by Black Coffee.

Tom Staar is also one of the DJs present in this remix pack, which just goes to show the amount of talent in this wonderful folder of beauty. Mandar and Red Axes present a remix in which they individually impose their style, house, and with a contagious vibe, they give it a more tropical style.

Solardo makes the music more tweaked, thus contributing to his success. Loyal is also one of the protagonists and he decides to “slow down” the music even more, with quality however. Finally, we have Pablo Fierro who also presents a remix in reduced tempo.

Listen below to the entirety of this great pack of remixes:

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