Last week something magical happened in the British capital, London, because a spaceship called Liquicity landed in one of the most iconic venues in the city, Eletric Brixton bringing with them an entire Galaxy of Dreams, in what as a night to remember.

November 3rd marked the return of Liquicity to the city of London, and we wanted to have the full Liquicity family experience during the night of the event, so we started by going to a Meetup with some Liquicity fans in a local Brixton pub, as the British tradition demands. Lots of laughs, pints and new friends afterards we headed towards the venue, because it was finally time to put our astronaut suits on and enter this brand new galaxy.

Our first stop was on a star called Makoto, and what a set to kick start the night. The sounds made my mind travel towards a different universe. From a star onto a planet, we went to one of the best acts of the moment, Hybrid Minds. After their first solo show in London back in March, they returned to deliver a top notch performance, with all of their classics and sounds from “Elements” being present in this set.













We now have lift off towards the main event, with the one and only Maduk on the main decks of the spaceship. When I said at first it was one for the history books, I was not lying, and this guy was one of the reasons why. Mad energy, some of the best Liquicity songs of all time being played and an amazing crowd that once again proved why this community is considered one of the best in the Dance music sphere.

We were running out of fuel, so the final stop was with Fox Stevenson, and well at the end of is set the fuel was over, because during the time of his set we couldn’t stop moving, it was that good.

The only negative point we found during the night was the fact that there was only 1 locker room for hundreds of people, but that is not Liquicity fault.

All things taken into account, we can’t wait for the next event of Liquicity here in the UK.

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