Two years after releasing their single C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L, the British duo The Chemical Brothers brought us their latest piece of music earlier this year.

That’s right, the song is called Free Yourself and they have just released its official music video.

The duo played in Portugal in Rock In Rio, in Lisbon, for what turned out to be an undeniable light and visual show ([REVIEW] THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS IN ROCK IN RIO) and this new track was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

In fact, this song was missing a music video with the quality stamp of the duo and that’s exactly what they delivered this week. A video that took eight months producing and that reflects that amount of work and time spent. The 6 minute video tells the viewer the story of mass produced robots that have the will to free themselves and dance with each other on the dancefloor they create on their own.

Directors Dom&Nic, who have worked with The Chemical Brothers for a long time said that we’ve all seen humans dance like robots, and even robots dancing like robots, but we had never seen robots dance like humans.

We’ve all seen humans dancing brilliantly like robots, we’ve also seen robots dancing brilliantly like robots but you’ve never seen robots dancing badly like humans. 

Well, now we just did and so can you:

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