The Machine announced yesterday that he is coming with a new mini-album. This will be the first one to be released on the new label Rough Recruits, so it’s a very special one.

The Machine and the Roughstate label announced the news yesterday in their social media:

I am very proud to announce my upcoming mini album “Let It Go”. Soon to be released on Roughstate Recruits! Lets do it! For info & previews pay attention closely to my Instagram & Facebook in upcoming weeks.

The Rough Recruits it’s the new sub label of Rougstate and this will be their first album release. Until now we only know the name of the album Let It Go, so we need to stay alert about a possible date of release.

The Machine released the album Substancial Machinery and earlier this year he also released the bootleg of the track “In My Mind”, with Adaro. Although we do not know the tracklist of the mini-album yet, this bootleg could be one of the tracks in the album.

To know more about the date of release and more details about this new album, you need to make sure you follow The Machine and Roughstate on social media.

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