The Sydney based producer is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) up and coming producers and DJs of the year. After making his debut on Never Say Die: Black Label at only 17 years old he is now dropping banger after banger, hit after hit, slaughter after slaughter.

Mastadon’s most recent single is called “Death Pit”. It combines both his unique sound design and deafening silences to really immerse the listener in the best of experiences when it comes to dubstep. The buildup is amazing like we’re used to: it leads to a raspy voice telling you to “enter the death pit” and the drop is just a complete massacre.

His style is incredibly distinguishable and dark. One of the most obscure and youngest producers. He was most recently featured in Wooli’s latest EP on a tune called “Elephant March”. There was also a collaboration with Hekler and a remix for Snails’ album “The Shell” and Herobust’s track “WTF”.

Some might call him Never Say Die’s prodigy. Making his DJ’ing debut over at North America a couple weeks ago he’s showing not only his talent as a producer but also live, as a DJ. Earlier this year he also released “Decimate EP”, his first work of the year. If you’re into Mastadon you should definitely check it out.

While you’re at it, listen to “Death Pit”:

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