The number of masked DJs and producers out in the industry right now is notorious, and when it comes to House Music, Malaa is the one everyone sees as a reference at the moment.

In fact, from singles, to EP’s, and even multiple tours, either alone or joined by the one and only Tchami, the mysterious burglar face DJ has earned his spot amongst all other big names and he has made an incredible impact in the current industry. He has just released the second volume of the Illegal Mixtape and his fans are losing their minds.

Indeed, after the previous 12 track EP, the master of the dark side of House Music is back and brings us 11 new weapons. While including some of his own previously released singles, such as Bling Bling and Cash Money he brought out tracks from the minds of Crossnaders, Matroda, Lucati and more.

Illegal Mixtape II turned out to be exactly what fans were hoping for the EP to be and we will surely hear some the tracks from it at many House events.

Has the dark side of House Music revealed itself as the right side?

You can listen to the EP here and share your thoughts about it with us.

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