It’s today, November 9, the debut on the platform Amazon Prime, “Beat“, a German crime and drama series that has as background the atmosphere of Berlin’s nightclubs.

The plot is centered in the character Robert Schlag – whose nickname is “Beat” -, a promoter of the most famous Berlin’s techno club, played by Jannis Niewwöhner. An apparently common scenario is drastically changed when Beat is notified by the European secret services to collaborate as an infiltrator in an operation to dismantle an organ trafficking network operating within a space well known to him. In this process Beat will perceive the deeply corrupt environment that surrounds the techno scene in which it is inserted, situation that will test his limits and personal values.

Although the nightlife apparently only emerges as the backdrop for a typical police series, we believe that it will attract huge fans of electronic music, and of techno in particular, due to the detailed and rigorous portrayal of a side not widely known by the general public: business and behind-the-scenes games at nightclubs.

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