Dutch Producer Robby East released his most recent track “Don’t Take Your Love” on Future House Music’s main imprint, on the last 2nd of November.

It’s his first original release on the main imprint (Robby East & Castion presented their remix for Holl & Rush’s “Believe It” on the main imprint on August), but it’s not his first appearance on Future House Music, as the producer had already released tracks on the sub-label LYD.

A subtle vocalized track, with a smooth atmosphere, “Don’t Take Your Love” is another fine example of Robby East’s signature sound, with characteristical plucks and emotional string sections.

The track was already supported by YvesV, Ellis, Jay Prior, Joe Stone, Timmy Trumpet and Morgan Page, among other international renowned producers.

Robby East is one of the most exciting names on the Future House community, and his tracks were signed on Steve Void’s Strange Fruits and Oliver HeldensHeldeep Records, as well as being a regular appearance on Future House Music’s sub-label LYD.

Listen To “Don’t Take Your Love” here:

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