If you’re a fan of dubstep you’ve probably come across one of its many sub-genres: deathstep. Deathstep is an upcoming genre that fuses the amazing world of death metal with dubstep and when talking about it there is no way around Crowsnest Audio.

Crowsnest Audio is the main label for the deathstep releases. It was created by Code: Pandorum back in 2015. At the moment it has releases from artists such as Code: Pandorum, Ten Graphs, Qoiet, Autodrive, Nimda, and a huge number of collaborations from some of the biggest dubstep artists in the world! Most recently they hosted an event on the very well known club Bootshaus.

The label is not only for deathstep releases, it also has some riddim and some even trap but the main way to describe it is by looking at Crowsnest Audio’s bio on social media:

“From the depths of darkness, rises a horrifying army of death. It marches forward, destroying everything in its path. A murder of crows announcing its arrival. It is too late to run, it is useless to hide. Thousands of souls have been reaped, thousands of bodies have been torn, thousands of minds have been broken, by the horrors, of the Crowsnest.”

It’s one of the labels to keep an eye on. Code: Pandorum released his Videodrome LP” on it and most recently Qoiet unleashed “MANIC EP”, most likely the best of the year in this genre!

If you’re into death metal and genres such as that one, maybe you’ll like some of the work Crowsnest Audio has to offer you! Take a look below to their most recent release, Qoiet’s “MANIC EP”:

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