After announcing last summer that they were preparing their third album, as we also announced here, the Swedish duo Wasted Penguinz showed us that the wait is almost over. The album will come out on November 30 and is already in pre-sale.

The duo are known for their melodic and euphoric sounds, and this includes long breaks and some vocals. However, this album may be different, because as they announced, this will be an album “out of the box”.

For the more curious fans, the tracklist of the new album could be revealed on social networks, since Wasted Penguinz will be able to reveal several details about it over the next weeks.

One of the tracks that will be part of the new album will be Evergreen, whose official music video was released last week, on Youtube.

Elysian, the new album, is already available for pre-order here, for all those fans who always like to be the first. Before this, the duo released their first album in 2013, with the name Wistfulness and the second in 2016 under the name Clarity.

Wasted Penguinz will be at the Wasteland festival in Mexico early next month and will share the lineup with names like Dj Mad Dog, Noize Suppressor and Dj Anime.

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