The duo is back with another mind-bending drumstep track called “Overkill”, this time on Monstercat Uncaged.

If you are not familiar with DJ/Producer duo RIOT, don’t worry. Just get ready for your mind to be completely blown to smithereens. The Israeli duo is composed of Tom Davidson and Daniel (awesome name) Magid. Their style is, as a friend of mine once put it, “f*cking bananas”. And its easy to see why: since their inception in 2012, they have been supported by Infected Mushroom, Carnage, DJ Bl3nd and many more. Some of their tracks include “Enigma”,  “Madman” feat Ragga Twins, and “Wake Up” feat. Kayzo. For a little over a year, they have been releasing music under Monstercat’s watchful eye. They return once again with a new theme called “Overkill”

The track is, as the name implies, total overkill. It starts out with a robotic voice that transitions to a nice melodic part, and just as you’re about to get used to it, you get slapped in the face with a heavy metal solo, which is heavily modified for the climax. The drop is so hard it’s bound to give you a lot of neck pain. A genuine banger through and through.

Give the track a listen in the link down below.

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