Making this his second EP of the year, Algo releases on Buygore this time around. The DJ and producer from Baltimore is used to give us some of the heaviest dubstep tracks we’ve ever heard.

After being present on several NSD: Black Label and Fresh Blood compilations, he is one of the most underrated names of the bass music industry. He had his tracks played by several huge artists and most recently, in Portugal, by Borgore over at the last edition of Leiria Dancefloor.

Look Again” is the name of his latest EP. It’s not the usual riddim and sound design we’re used from the producer but something more focused towards the experimental dubstep. A ton of new sounds are present. “The Button” is the best track of the EP in our opinion. It starts off with some very soothing vocals and then explodes into a bass massacre. The only collaboration present is “In the Cut” with the duo Tiigers.

Buygore really was the best label for Algo to release his work under. It’s both a dubstep label but also is home to a ton of experimental tracks such as Holly’s “Reyna EP”.

Listen here to Algo’s most recent EP, “Look Again”:

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