Pendulum have announced a new original album is on the works, but no one knows exactly when it’s going to drop. However, a remix album, The Reworks, was released in late June, featuring 13 remixes of Pendulum songs by various artists.

Just after that, a remix contest for the song “Granite” (from Pendulum’s second album In Silico) was announced, and submissions began in early September. The deadline was set for the 4th of October, and the winner was revealed during the 7th episode of Knifecast (a music podcast hosted by Pendulum and Knife Party members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen).

The Grand Prize Winner was MizenWorks with his orchestral remix, which was definitely the most original take on the song. He won an official Earstorm release, a call with Earstorm Records, and a bunch of other cool stuff. The Runner Up Winners were Fountane and OMNI, while the Community Pick went to FireFarm.

And even though they weren’t selected, two other submissions deserve an honorable mention for their quality: the remixes by Just Greg and by Nothing To Lose & Echidna. You can check all the contest submissions with the Granite remixes here.

The remix album and this contest were interesting, but what we’re really excited about is Pendulum’s forthcoming album. We can’t wait for it to drop, and not knowing when it is coming only makes the wait worse. As usual, here at Wide Future we’ll be keeping you posted about any new information.

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