Dax J, a DJ and British producer based in Berlin, was confirmed by Gare’s organization on 30 November, at dawn from Friday to Saturday, in another edition of the Orbits cycle. This is a new visit to Portugal, where Dax has performed for several occasions since 2015, counting on two sets at the Neopop Music Festival, one at the Ministerium Club, as well as two performances at Gare, both in 2017. Amulador, resident of the Porto’s nightclub, will play the warm-up.

Dax J, born in London, has soon developed his abilities for mixing. With 15, at the turn of the century, influenced from British jungle, drum n ‘bass and garage, he began his DJ career, working mostly with pirate radios. At the same time, he began his extensive collection of vinyl records.

From 2015, year of the release of his first studio album, “Shades of Black,” Dax began to gain prominence in the British underground scene, when his tracks were played by consecrated ones like Dave Clarke or Ben Klock in their sets for the BBC Radio, the BBC’s Essential Mix. In addition, Ben Klock won the Essential Mix of the Year 2015 with the ‘help’ of Dax’s music. The following year, he was nominated by Mixmax, Groove Magazin and DJ Mag in the category of “Best Breakthrough DJ”.

Degree educated in Music Technology, Dax has his studio and his own label, “Monnom Black“, based in Berlin, where he also works as a sound engineer.

We can expect a techno set, like Klock’s style, at a frenetic pace, and full of obscure and ominous elements, which, according to him, aim to reflect political activism, paranoia and his past in underground raves.

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