Celebrating one year since Rong Events presented us with Kinetic, a Global Trance Gathering that took place in Manchester and was headlined by Paul van Dyk, John O’Callaghan and Simon Patterson. Alongside our partners Portugal Trance Community, we had the chance of attending the 1st Edition of this event and interviewing one of the Starts of the Trance Scene, the hometown boy – Craig Connelly.

Craig started his dj career precisely in Manchester and built his impressive producer career with the help of Gareth Emery and Garuda. Becoming a solid name in the Trance Scene it was time to make his artists album debut with ‘One Second Closer’ on his own label Higher Forces Records.

You can check his artist album and more info about Craig Connelly’s music and career here.



Wide Future / Portugal Trance Community: How was it like playing at Rong pres. Kinetic here in Manchester?

Craig Connelly: It was awesome! It’s a home crowd, in fact I live quite locally, in a place called Wigan, which is only about half an hour away from Manchester. I always considered Manchester my clubbing home, so yeah, it was a real honor to play to fans that are local to me.

WF/PTC: On an early stage of your career you had major support from Gareth Emery and the Garuda Family. In what way did Gareth influence the artist you are nowadays?

CC: Absolutely, I mean I was around him and his music for about five years, so he was massively influential in my career, and inspiration wise in terms of what the sound I created was. That’s kind of a natural process when you’re around someone who’s an artist, it naturally grows off into what you do as well. I used to do a lot of Garuda sound and material back in the early days of my career in 2012, 2013, 2014, and then I started developing my sound a bit more into uplifting trance, which is what I have today.

WF/PTC: You own a label called Higher Forces Records, which already released some of your own tracks, as well as by other artists. What kind of sounds are you looking for?

CC: It’s really varied, I mean we’re just after really good music, whether it’s a good vocal or a good uplifting melody. But not only uplifting trance, we’ve just done something a little bit more progressive, which is a track by Joel Hirsch and Christina Novelli, it has got a fantastic vocal. It just depends, really, we’re just after really good music, we’re not just one sound exclusively.

WF/PTC: One of the tracks of your album We Are features your sister Emma. How was it like working with a relative of yours? Can we expect to see more tracks with her in the future?

CC: Yeah, I mean we always joked cause we should have done a track by now already, because we’re both quite a bit old, so it has taken us this long to do a track together, and we’ve only just finished one together after being family all this years, so hopefully we’ll do another one together, but we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed!

WF/PTC: Some of the goals in your career have clearly already been achieved, such as having a studio album release, having your label and radio show. Do you have any goals for the near future that you want to share with us?

CC: Absolutely! I never stop dreaming and believing in what I do. I always want to grow as an artist and play bigger shows. I’d like to play at Luminosity and Dreamstate, it’s two goals at the moment, I’d like to get into those shows, so that is the next step for me.

WF/PTC: Have you ever been to Portugal?

CC: I have! In family holidays and with girlfriends in the past, yeah I love Portugal! It’s gorgeous!

WF/PTC – What did you like the most about the country?

CC: It was just holidays that I’ve been on, so it was just relaxing. We’ve just had a holiday in Lisbon, I’ve been around the city, the food was really good and nightlife was also good, so yeah, it’s a really cool place.

WF/PTC: Any special message you would like to send to the Portugal Trance Community?

CC: Yeah, sure! Thank you so much for supporting my music, buying and streaming my music, and hopefully I’ll play in Portugal someday soon so I can see the Portuguese Trance Family.

WF/PTC: We really hope to have you play there soon!

CC: Absolutely, I would love to, thank you so much!


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