Two of the biggest names out there, NGHTMRE and SLANDER, recently launched their label Gud Vibrations, and now, they’re here to start it out with a brand new banger by Wavedash!

Known for their ability to make everyone go crazy, to the point of breaking their neck or headbanging against a rail, the two artists got behind Wavedash to make his new track the very first release on the label. “Deathwish” feat. fknsyd is an absolute mayhem, a track with a drop so intense that everyone will suddenly get the urge to rock to it.

Surprisingly enough, the track starts out smoothly, with fknsyd’s beautiful vocals going alongside an almost whispering melody. Think of it as a storm. Calm before the rain starts pouring, winds blowing and then absolute mayhem. Until it calms down again. This track is exactly it. The drop is unbelievable, and it is quickly followed by yet another build up leading to an even filthier drop.

Wavedash is set to release a four track EP on Gud Vibrations as well. Titled Opening Ceremony it is expected that the final result is pure perfection. As for the label, NGHTMRE and SLANDER will make sure that it becomes one of the reference points when it comes to Bass Music. Having started it all out on the right key, they will keep uploading some of the greatest bangers, and giving the chance to upcoming artists.

So, stay tuned for what the future holds. Big things are ahead! In the meantime, how does headbanging to a crazy new track sound like?

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