During the next few days we will be posting several articles regarding the DJMag’s Top 100 DJs. It will be a series of lists containing 10 artists for each genre that, in our opinion, should have been included on the final results, and in this one we talk about Drum & Bass.

List: Bass MusicTranceHouse, Techno, Drum and Bass, Hard Music, Portuguese and Overall (We will hyperlink each article as they are released).

Adaro – It has been part of the hard scene for a long time and that’s why its legion of fans has grown over the years, making it one of the most appealing names in the genre. In conjunction with E-Life, the DJ was responsible for creating the anthem of the Hard Bass festival, under the name “Black Rain”. Throughout the year we were getting excited about his releases and the quality was noticeable in productions like “Touch a Star” in collaboration with B-Front. A year full of quality releases and performances: songs like “Flame up High”, “Long Hard Summer” and even the remix that he made for the song “In my mind” by Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino continued the great work that had been made over the years. At the beginning of October he released his EP entitled “The Otherside Pt.1” which contains 4 original tracks. His career is full of great successes within the genre and his assiduous presence in all the renowned festivals could justify his entry to the Top 100 of DJ Mag. In February 2018 the Dutch dj was in Portugal where he played at the Bolero nightclub in We Love Hardstyle-B-day Bash.

Ran-D – Responsible for one of the best anthems ever of Defqon.1 Festival, he is one of the most popular djs of the hard scene. With 2017 to be magnificent for Ran-D, 2018 was also a great year for the Dutch dj. Its biggest success of 2018 is called “Zombie” with more than 10.000.000 views on youtube, easily shows the success of it. Touched by Hardwell to close his set in the mainstage of Tomorrowland, the track produced by Ran-D ran the world. Powerful and unique kicks designate most of his music. New releases like “Hurricane”, “Demolition Time”, and others marked the year 2018 of the DJ. His biggest peculiarity is that the DJ in most of his songs is the singer himself and that distinguishes him from the rest and pleases the fans. Being a master of festival anthems, his presence in them is assiduous throughout the year. After top places like 100th and 88th, it is expected that Ran-D will return to the top 100 of DJ Mag as soon as possible. He is a quality producer who lacks the Top 100.

Sefa – This has undoubtedly been his year, the one that is considered by many the prodigy of Frenchcore, since very small age that he is in this world. It did not take much time to received Dr. Peacock‘s attention and was accompanied by him. The young dj who is inspired many times by classical music had a year full of performances and affirmation within the genre. His sets became so popular that during the Dominator festival, the stage where he played had to be banned from more people due to the high number of fans who wanted to see him. For those who have had the opportunity to see Sefa live can understand what we speak: his performances can be a journey of emotions. Despite having few releases in the year 2018, its biggest success still smells fresh. Together with the D-Sturb he released the song “Nothing Like The Old School” and became a success quickly, with several reputed djs in the genre playing the song. A song that had stayed for some time in the performances of many and a success guaranteed by Sefa. His popularity at the moment and his frantic performances would be valid reasons to be able to enter the Top 100 DJ Mag.

D- Sturb -The Dutch dj from the city of Arnhem is part of the label End of Line, publisher that has existed since 2014 and contains names like Delete, Artifact and Warface. He started the year in the best way by releasing his album “On Your Mark”, which contains 6 tracks and received a lot of praise from the fans, not only for the sound quality, but also for its original design. The year 2018 was undoubtedly one of the years of affirmation of the DJ. Known for producing captivating melodies, his 2018 tour contained several successful tracks in collaboration with industry-renowned Hard Scene DJs. For hardstyle fans it seems a bit impossible not to hear a Dutch dj track at such events. Songs such as “Drop Down”, “Losing Myself”, “Let the Games Begin”, among others are assiduous presence in major festivals. D-sturb was responsible for this year’s anthem of the Supremacy festival, “Aiming For the Top” which was for many one of the year’s anthems. The end of 2018 is marked by the announcement of his new live-act. A live-act with the name “The Next Level” is described by the DJ as a way to its inner discovery, divided by 6 levels, in 6 performances the DJ intends to show part of itself to the fans. His constant quality certainly deserves a place in the top 100 of Dj Mag.

Sub Zero Project – One of the duos of the moment at Hard Scene, known as one of the most innovative producers of recent times, their energetic sets and productions with quality seal make them one of the bests of the genre at the moment. They performed in big stages during the summer season like Decibel Outdoor, The Qontinent, Defqon.1, Tomorrowland and Intents. The year 2018 showed that the duo already belongs to the top elite of hardstyle djs. Called to play in the mainstage of the great festivals, they did not disappoint the public. In February 2018 they began their live-act with the name “The Xprmnt” at the Reverze festival. This live-act is a hospice simulation where djs are a test project. We can say that the intuition goes by to show all the projects that have in store to the public. Its biggest success of 2018 is collaboration with the biggest name of the hard scene, Headhunterz, which resulted in the creation of the song “This is our Church”, a great success in the dance floors. They are singled out as the creators of the Qlimax festival anthem that takes place next month, confirming that they are already part of an elite group. It was with Timmy Trumpet that they released the song “Rockstar” released in the publisher Spinnin Records, cementing its status at the top of the hardtyle. Recently it was confirmed the position 116 in the top 150 Dj Mag, which shows that the duo has enough quality to integrate the top 100 Dj MAG.

Warface – After staying in the 65 position in 2017, he was confirmed has the number 109 in the top 150 of the dj MAG. The year 2018 started well with the production of the song “Radioactive” in collaboration with Mark with a K and Mc Dv8. Since collaborations with D-Sturb, Devin Wild, Deadly Guns, Nolz, and Frequencerz the Dutch dj also had time to release his EP “Live for This” in January. A full year on the agenda of Warface joining his live-act, Warface Heavy Artillery where he plays with the mask of his logo as dj. Its vibe on stage captivates the audience easily and has a large legion of fans behind it. More recently he announced the Live for This event in collaboration with the label Art of Dance, a long-awaited wish.

Coone – Coone is one of the biggest names in the industry, being a habitual name in everything that is festival and parties. Accustomed to being in the top 100 of Dj Mag, with nice positions as the 45th place, shows its greatness within the music. Although he only released 3 songs throughout the year, one of which was Defqon.1 Australia anthem, this was a great year for Coone, since it was the first Hard Music DJ to perform in the Tomorrowland mainstage. A wish long promised by him, was held in the year 2018. After this performance he received great praise not only from his usual fans but also from new fans who got to know his work through this performance. For that very reason it is a mandatory presence on this top.

Phuture Noize – It is one of the rising stars in the hardstyle world, and has managed to create a unique sound by putting together euphoric sounds with a more “dark” side of raw. He has performed in big stages such as Defqon, 1 and earlier this year he released his EP “Black Mirror Society”. The artist revealed that the purpose of this EP was to express his opinion on the social networks, hoping that the fans share his opinion. He was also responsible for the creation of the Qapital anthem and more recently announced that the EP will have a second version, specially created to be presented at the Qlimax festival that takes place next month. His latest success was the collaboration with the duo Sub Zero Project “We Are the Fallen” with a somewhat different style customary in Phuture Noize, but certainly a hit on the hard scene tracks. The future of hardstyle may well pass through the hands of this dj and in terms of quality he certainly deserve a place at the top.

D-Block & S-te-fan – Before being a duo, Diederik and Stefan acted solo, but quickly realized that they would have even greater success if they joined forces. They have performed on stages such as Qlimax, Misteryland and Decibel and in 2010 they were in the 73rd position of the top 100, being the highest hardstyle position that same year. This year together with Frequencerz, the creators of the anthem of the Intents festival and they have been launching a considerable number of tracks throughout the year, which shows that they are a duo that deserved to be in the top 100 this year. After a time where they were out of focus from the top, the duo came back in force with songs like “Twilight Zone”, “Ghost Stories” and their edit of “Louder”, that captivated the public, quickly becoming a success in their performances. The duo confirmed the status of one of the most requested names of the hard scene reaching 108th place in the top 150 of Dj Mag.

Sound Rush – With Portuguese roots, Sound Rush are the best-known twins of the hard scene and are rising in the eye. In addition to having a year full of releases and having joined the family of the publisher Art of Creation led by Headhunterz, their presence at renowned festivals show a bright future for the Dutch duo. Songs like “Look at us Now,” “Guide you,” “One” and the collaboration “Rescue Me” with Headhunterz are the top of  2018. A style very similar to their mentor, the future can be exciting for the double. Their closeness to the fans is a strong point to win votes and supporters wherever they go. They are also known for making small parties in fans houses for fun and this shows the passionate side they have for music. Their captivating melodies are a great reason to be part of this year’s top 100 Dj Mag.

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