SoundCloud just announced a new feature: after the next update, you’ll be able to share music from SoundCloud directly to your Instagram Stories.

This development comes in the wake of two other important changes to the music streaming service. Last week, SoundCloud took advantage of the Amsterdam Dance Event hype to reveal a couple of unexpected additions to the platform: DJs will now be able to stream from the platform directly to their decks, and a new monetization model is being worked on to compensate artists for remixes of their songs.

Many young producers have been targeted by automated copyright takedowns, mainly in relation to their remixes of popular songs. We sincerely hope SoundCloud manages to create a safe and stable space for all artists, big or small, popular or unknown. Everyone should be able to share their creative works with the world, but unfortunately this platform has become increasingly more aggressive with their copyright control as of late. Maybe now things will change for the better!

Sharing from SoundCloud to Instagram Stories can be great for artists who want to showcase their tracks, but everyone can enjoy this new feature. After all, if sharing is caring, sharing good music is caring about your friends!

SoundCloud really is trying to step up their game. Last year, in the wake of a long period of disastrous financial results, two investors bought a majority share in the company, which is now under new leadership. They’ve been exploring multiple options for growth, and for now they seem to be on the right track… But only time will tell. As always, we’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

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