Friction’s legendary record label Shogun Audio released the third volume of the acclaimed compilation “Point Of Origin” 

The compilation was out on the last 19th October, and features 17 tracks, from well-known producers to young up and coming talent, trying to make an impact and showcasing the vitality of the Drum & Bass scene right now and the next generation of producers of the genre.  

Deadline mixed the entire compilation into a 40 minute continuous mix, that is available on Shogun Audio’s Soundcloud.  

“Point Of Origin” became an important part of the label itself on the last years, with the first volume being released on 2015, and the second being released last year.  

Shogun Audio was founded on 2004, being based on Brighton, England, and released tunes from artists such as Alix Perez, SpectraSoul, Technimatic, Fourward, and, more recently, from Pola & Bryson, GLXY or Ed:it.  

It also manages the sub-label, created on 2006, called SGN:LTD, that released tunes from Lenzman, Satl, and, more recently, Koherent and Monrroe.


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It’s that time again – 17 exclusive tracks from some of the scene’s best up and coming talent, released tomorrow! ?

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