In fact, ADE is one of the events artists look forward the most and selling their brand and advertising their work is the main goal once you’re there. Nina Kraviz took a step further and sold a three part vinyl трип series exclusively on the event.

There were some copies available for purchase and if you wanted one, you should have gone to the Clone Records pop-up shop or Rush Hour. As it was expected, not all copies were sold and the remaining ones are now available online. But if you truly want one, you must act quick.

As this was a three part vinyl, you had to buy them separately and, as usual, some sell out faster than others and the second and third part are indeed out of stock. On the other hand, the first one is still available, but not for long.

Being the first part filled with content from Roma Zuckerman, the second one from Nina herself and finally the third part with various artists such as The Mover, PTU, Nikita Zabelin and Vladimir Dubyshkin, if you want to have a трип vinyl series exclusive copy to yourself, grab it while you can on the Clone website or click here.

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