Discogs just launched a new online store, Discogs Exclusives, dedicated specifically to the sale of rare vinyl and cassette records. The items available for purchase will range from limited or special editions to test pressings, or even strange warehouse finds.

The site is still in its beta phase – the only thing in stock at the moment is a John Carpenter cassette boxset, called The Sacred Bones Collection. It’s a limited edition of 500 copies, and at the time of writing, only half of those were still available. Of course, there’s more to come soon, including the possibility of preordering certain exclusive records.

Jeffrey Smith, Discogs’ director of PR, explained the reasoning behind the decision to open a store dedicated exclusively to collectors: items of interest to record collectors are usually very hard to find, which tends to limit their availability to people with good connections. Through this new exclusive shop, these rare records will be made available to a lot more people than before.

About Discogs: it was created 18 years ago as an electronic music database, having expanded to pretty much every other musical genre throughout the years. It’s now one of the biggest online marketplaces dedicated to physical music formats in the world.

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