When a mysterious timer showed up online to this thing called “Nightmare On Rezz Street”, whole twitter blew up with all bass enthusiasts trying to figure out what it was about. Word was that it was an exclusive show, to a Halloween event full of spooky characters and a horror movie vibe.

Having tweeted this back in August, the hype was awoken, and everyone’s excitement blew up.

“I just want to say … I’ll give you something EXTREMELY special at Halloween time and it will be out of tassel and available to everyone. Okay, that’s all I’m going to say, but I hope to make you a little enthusiastic because I’m pretty.”

It didn’t take too long before the countdown reached its end. Mighty number 0. And with this came… A Nightmare!

Turns out it wasn’t an event, but in fact, “Space Mom” managed to create something unique for this Halloween. All this time the countdown led to a one of a kind phenomenal Mix, which includes both Visuals and Audio.

The Visuals are stunning and serve their purpose perfectly. Giving this creepy yet electric and exciting vibe, the video allows you to have a full immersion on what you’re listening to. As for the audio, the vibrant and heavy bass fused together with Rezz’s signature melodies take you to outer space. You will feel your heart beating faster, your bloodstream flowing and… You better watch out for Rezzy Krueger.

Rezz wrote this on the video’s description:

“Some music is very old, some is newer. Either way, I want my fans to hear it because I always wonder what my favourite artists never released.”

Each track is titled “ID” because I want this mix to flow as One entity as opposed to a promotion of each unreleased single. All Tracks are exclusive to this project only. ❤️

So basically u guys can just name each ID whatever ? #nightmareonrezzstreet

— Rezzy Krueger (@OfficialRezz) October 22, 2018

The Cult” behind Rezazadeh greeted this with open arms. The very down to earth and modest artist felt all the love given by her fanbase, even though the creepy, scary and haunted Halloween vibes are already here.

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