Finally, we had news coming from Phuture Noize. Yesterday he announced that he is working in a new Black Mirror Society EP for the upcoming Qlimax.

The dj posted a message in his official fan-page on Facebook, using his personal Facebook page, and he said:

Just wanted to let you guys know first; I am working my ass off creating a brand-new black mirror society ep for Qimax.

It emphasizes a lot on songwriting. Well, at least compared to other (raw) hardstyle. Like fire and circles and squares. I wrote the lyrics myself together with some great vocalists. They all follow up on where we are the future ended.

Let’s move the story forward.

(Thats kind of why I’ve been quiet on here)

The event will happen in a month, and until know we still don’t know who will be responsible for the anthem. Could this mean that Phuture Noize will be responsible for that? Maybe, but there is nothing confirm yet.

This EP is something that fans will for sure like, since all the comments are positive. Someone said: “When PN releases tracks it’s a positive storm, but when PN stays quiet for some time, you know it will be a positive storm-hurricane-hakuna matata-pigs raining from the sky awesomeness. Can’t wait to get moist live there !”

Black Mirror Society WP will for sure be released before the festival happens, but the Dj did not confirm a specific date of release. We know for sure that the music’s that made the EP will be played during Phuture Noize’s performance at Qlimax 2018.

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