If there’s anything everyone dreams of, is being the best at what they do and having their work recognized and beloved by all. This is the concept behind the DJ Mag Awards, but how do DJs feel about this poll?

After almost a year of voting, the final results were announced last night (October 20th) through the magazine’s social media and they are fully available, and you can check them out (DJ MAG TOP 100 RESULTS).

As this probably is the biggest event taking place during ADE and even in the entire world when it comes to dance music, the amount of people watching and having different points of view is considerably big. With over 1.2 million votes, this truly is the poll that influences the dance music scene the most.

Baring this in mind, what everyone should be wondering is ‘what do DJs themselves think about these awards?’. Some don’t mind having their names up on the list, others are just happy for their friends and some who don’t see it as a fair poll.

In the end of the day, music itself is the only thing that really matters and even if you don’t agree with the final results or the list, it surely must be remarkable to see over 50000 people gathering into an arena to hear and jump to dance music.

What do you think about this year’s results? Is there anyone missing out?

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