G-Rex’s debut EP is called “Rift EP” and is the most recent work from the north american DJ and producer, Jake. He is one of the leading artist in the bass music world and is producing some of the best experimental tunes at the moment!

“Rift EP is a compilation of four tracks, two of them being collaborations (one with Dubloadz and the other with Top $helf). In an interview he gave to FUXWITHIT he told the public it was inspired in the Halloween season and a big amount of the sounds used in producing the songs were taken from horror movies.

It’s a bloodbath of the deepest and darkest basslines. A mix between dubstep and trap that is made in the best way possible. The collaborations are amazing however we highlight “Rift” and “Saurus” (the two tracks produced solo) to really give the sense of what G-Rex is about. The EP came out on Wakaan, a label known for their experimental releases.

After the immense success G-Rex had with PEEKABOO on “Babatunde” we are looking forward to what he has to offer. He stated that “Babatunde VIP” was on the way and a collab between these two and Dubloadz was yet to be released.

Listen to the masterpiece that is “Rift EP” below:

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