The waiting has finally ended: Martin Garrix finally released ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’. After premiering his most recent track on Ultra Miami 2016, more than 2 and a half years ago, there was a leak about his new PLUS EP, later named BYLAW, in which the track was expected to be released.

Fans were thrilled and as soon as the collaboration with Pierce Fulton and Mike Shinoda, member of the Linkin Park, was resealed the feedback was so big!

The track has changed a lot since the version played 2 years ago, including the lyrics, but it doesn’t seems to bother the fans. Only a few hours after its release, the song has almost half a million plays. With this release, the BYLAW EP is now complete. All the tracks previously leaked got released during this week, preparing the community to AMF, where the World’s Number 1 DJ will be crowned.

This EP has a lot of different styles, concepts and collaborations, just like the Seven EP. Expect to keep listening these tracks everywhere Martin Garrix performs because they are just perfect.

Let’s see what the future holds for Martin Garrix and, while we wait, let’s listen the EP once again.

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