Five months ago, they announced through Instagram and finally today came the day when the collab between D-sturb and Sefa was released.

The (very) young producer has brought a breath of fresh air to the world of frenchcore. Not only is the DJ on a roll when it comes to bookings, he is also very open-minded when we talk about collaborations.  D-Sturb on the other hand has a busy schedule as well: a lot of productions and a lot of presences in the major festivals during the hole summer, and a collab every now and then.

Although Sefa surely loves collabing with hardstyle producers, and the reason is that he used to make hardstyle in the past, his real passion is the Frenchcore:

“The frenchcore fans accept more diversity than other genres, in my opinion. That’s what I like. However, I mostly enjoy listening to classical music. Bach, Mozart, Chopin… If you listen carefully to my music, you’ll hear samples of them in my music.”

This new collab is called “Nothing Like the Old School” and was released today at the label Masters of Hardcore.  We can hear the influences of both djs during the hole song, which means that they really worked together.

The fans of both DJ’s are obviously excited about their collab. Both artists were present at many festivals this summer, so you might have heard it already.

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