Rebekah is returning to Portugal to be at Gare Porto on November 3, as announced on the club’s official Facebook page. This is the second time that the former model and journalist plays in the well-known Porto house – the first time was in July of last year, along with Amulador and Yassine. To what we have been able to find out, it’s scheduled an all-night performance, although Gare has promised more news about the event soon.

Although already ‘mixing’ about 20 years ago, Rebekah only gained notoriety from 2013 when she was invited to participate in a podcast of Chris Liebing, after having caught the attention of other names in the techno scene such as Adam Beyer or Alan Fitzpatrick. The release of the EP “Cycles” that summer catapulted her to a prominent plan in the industry. The following year, she made her debut in Portugal, more concretely at Hard Club, with, precisely, Chris Liebing. Since then she has returned for two other occasions: her debut at Gare in 2017, and this year in Neopop Music Festival, in a b2b with Paula Temple on 8 August.

From Rebekah we can expect a set full of rhythm, to the sound of powerful and hard beats that dominate the musical texture of her tracks. She oscillates between acid techno and tech house, although it is faithful to a very fast pace and to disconcerting backsounds. All this, in one of the clubs with the most underground environment in Portugal, could not be more promising!

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