Charlotte de Witte, rising techno star, is returning to Lisbon a full year after her last appearance and, once again, you have LX Music to thank for it. The event planner and artist collective (based in Lisbon, as its name suggests) has just announced that the Belgian DJ and producer will be the headlining their LXM Sunday Special, on December 9th.

Other than the artist confirmation, not much else was revealed, but there will be new information announced soon, and a few surprises are certainly in store. We do know, however, that the event will take place during a Sunday, from noon until midnight, an unusual choice for this kind of party.

Charlotte’s been to Portugal thrice already, performing twice in Lisbon and once in Porto. Her most recent visit was last December: she was the special guest for the event celebrating LX Music’s 12th anniversary.

Interestingly, the 26-year-old DJ actually started her career under the alias Raving George, in order to avoid being booked solely because of her gender. She later changed her mind, and has been using her real name ever since.

Charlotte de Witte released three EPs this year (so far!), the most recent one being The Healer, which came out in June. You can listen to it here.

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