Future House has really evolved since the genre came to light and we have to give Don Diablo some credit for it.

In fact, from outstanding singles, to fully Future albums, the dutch DJ, producer and musician has always given his best to create something that people would love, something that could possibly bring some peace and happiness into the world. He’s also been the host of many charity shows to help the fight against cancer, with his Better Future tour earlier this year.

This time, he hit his fans with a brand new ‘collaboration’ between his brand Hexagon and one of the biggest movie sagas of all time: Star Wars.

Don made the announcement via his Instagram main account, a few days ago with a post that really didn’t say much about the subject but fans made sure rumors were surfing the net and one of them actually came true.


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Uma publicação partilhada por Don Diablo (@dondiablo) a

Some said it could be a merch-wise propaganda and that there would be a pop up shop during ADE this week and others said there might be a new remix from Don himself for the galactic saga coming out in the near future.

Well, as we all already know fans were right about the merch shop and Hexagon has just joined Star Wars to design some beautiful tees.


Ver esta publicação no Instagram


Uma publicação partilhada por Don Diablo (@dondiablo) a

As breaking news, Don Diablo has just been crowned as the number one producer in the world, by 1001Tracklists and we can only imagine how he’s feeling right now.

What do you think about all this amazing job from Don?

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