There’s been almost 6 months since Avicii passed away, and there was a lot of tributes until today, since tribute remixes to unforgettable moments in festivals by so many artists. Today is the day in which Vicetone pay their tribute as they release their new track called South Beach.

Back in 2012, when the Dutch duo of DJs and producers were starting to make their own music, they were really inspired by Avicii’s style and he became one of the reasons that got them to producer their own records. This was the time when Ruben and Victor actually produced South Beach, one of the first original tracks they made, that ended not being released because it was heavily inspired by Avicii’s sound.

They totally forgot about this track until one week after the tragedy. The duo were so affected that they suddenly remembered about the track they made 6 years ago that never got released. Vicetone decided to pay a musical tribute to Avicii and South Beach got finally finished and released. This track is so perfect that it really sounds like a collaboration between the duo and the Swedish producer. Apart from that, fans of both Vicetone and Avicii seems to have approved the track since the positive feedback is huge!

Take a listen to this new track and see for yourself this masterpiece!

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